Step 1. Ask Christina if Cummings has approved the issue.

Step 2. Copy the PDF folder for the Desktop

Step 3. Open the 3D issue program

Step 4. Create a new issue

Step 5. after you imported the PDF change template and profile to Tow Times

Step 6. change to design view to start building the issue. (side note always be saving)

Step 7. use the Go To Page button, Weblink button and e-Mail button to create links

Step 8. you can zoom in if you need to see smaller ads. When done click build.

Step 9. take the created files and upload them to the FTP.

Step 10. open FileZilla and pick Tow Times Digital. Create a folder labeled 1216tt and upload the files.

Step 11. test each web link. If you missed one add it and build the issue again and re-upload.